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Behind the Name..

Updated: Feb 28


Often, we get asked what is the meaning behind our name “Bower + Hawthorne?”, so we thought it would be useful to clarify how and why we came to our decision.

The word ‘Bower’ is actually an extension of Ellie’s first business, founded back in 2017, named 'Bower Events'. Ellie’s first stint in the events industry was working for an event catering company before she took over the venue management of a couple of Sussex venues. From there, Ellie took her experience from each area of the event and hospitality industry and Bower Events was founded. The business operates across the UK as a wedding planning service, helping couples on their wedding journey.

The original thinking behind the term ‘Bower’ is that it directly references a wedding bower, also known as a wedding arch (where couples stand underneath to make their vows). Hence, the term Bower Events is suggestive of wedding events.

Bower + Hawthorne Logo. Mobile Bar Hire | Sussex
Bower + Hawthorne Logo.

Why Bower + Hawhorne?

When looking for inspiration on business names after deciding in early 2019 that we were going to launch a mobile bar company, we knew that we were merging our skill sets. Ellie’s events background coupled with Brandon’s drinks experience. The term ‘Hawthorne’ references a common cocktail strainer, commonly used with a shaker to avoid any unwanted ice or garnish mixers falling into the cocktail whilst pouring out of the cocktail shaker.

We therefore wanted a name that reflected the merging of the skillsets and so “Bower + Hawthorne” was born. 


We’ve been slow in getting our blog live. Now we are up and running, expect to see more. We want to add value to our community and we’ve got some really exciting plans happening this year. Expect new bars, new offerings + and more 👀. 

Thank you for reading - Until next time. 

Brandon & Ellie x

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